Who We Serve

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Small Business Owners

My name is Robert Clausen. It has been my pleasure to have served our clients for over 40 years in the insurance and financial services business. It has always been, and continues to be, our goal to give high-quality service with our long-term investment guidance.

Phone: 208-243-0531

Email: rob.clausen@lpl.com 

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Farmers and Ranchers

My name is Isabelle Clausen and I have had the pleasure of partnering with my dad as an LPL Financial Advisor in the investment services business. I seek to provide clients with effective tools and products to help them achieve their goals and offer them financial stability in all stages of life.

Phone: 480-747-8696

Email: isabelle.clausen@lpl.com


Wendy is our LPL Registered Administrative Associate in Idaho Falls. She has been working with Rob since January 1994. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children.

Office Phone: 208-542-2838

Email: wendy.davis@lpl.com


Who We Serve

Small Business Financial Advisor

Small Business Owners

Being small business owners ourselves, we understand the hard work, strategic planning, and impactful decisions that business owners take part in every day. We help small business owners manage their cash flows, organize their employee benefits, and help them work toward financial freedom and flexibility.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Financial Planning Page.

Farmer and Rancher Financial Advisor

Farmers and Ranchers

Desert Wealth Management was established 23 years ago in 1998 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Many of our clients are farmer, ranchers, and livestock owners. We understand the important decisions that people in the agricultural business have to make when it comes to using different budgeting methods depending on the season, managing a team of workers with various roles, and having different buckets of investments. We're passionate about helping farmers and ranchers work toward success while also being present with their family. 

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Financial Planning Page.

Couples Financial Advisor

Couples in Transition

Over the years, we have helped numerous couples walk through engagement, marriage, buying their first home, having children, saving for college, becoming empty nesters, and growing old together. For couples, there is a vast array of decisions that need to be made from exciting things such as home ownership and new children, to more heavy topics such as life insurance and long-term care planning. Regardless of what type of decision you are making, we want to help guide you in your finances so that you can enjoy each moment of your journey together.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Financial Planning Page.

Nurse Financial Advisors

Healthcare Workers

While many of our clients are healthcare workers, we know we will never truly understand the amount of time, effort, and sacrifice that is needed to work in this field. Because we are immensely grateful to and respectful of our healthcare workers, we make it our mission to help them in their financial journey. We help healthcare workers better understand their retirement plans at work, learn how to budget their time and income to correspond with their busy schedules, and how to live in the present with their family by worrying less about their finances and profession.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Financial Planning Page.

Gen Z Financial Advisor

Young People

Unfortunately, most young people ages 18 to 25 struggle in obtaining sound and objective financial advice from a financial advisor. The top reason why young people feel as though they don't qualify to speak with a financial advisor is because they believe that they don't have enough money. We don't want young people to feel under-served any longer. That is why we provide financial advice that is objective and affordable so that young people can feel confident in their financial lives. We want to help the younger generation feel aligned with their personal and financial values, prepared to tackle their future financial obstacles and opportunities, and equipped with confidence to make smart financial decisions.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Young People Page.