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Financial Planning

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We like to think of a financial plan as a roadmap to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. We want to help you pursue your goals with clear direction and specific actions steps. Planning for your financial future can be overwhelming exhausting. However, we want to unburden you and create a straightforward plan to help you pursue your dreams. 

Do you need help in the following financial areas?

  • Understanding the investments in your employer's retirement plan (such as a 401k, 403b, SIMPLE, etc.) 

  • Learning how to navigate your own investment portfolio 

  • Developing a plan to pay off debt 

  • Creating a practical budget to guide your saving and spending goals

  • Learning how to plan for your children's future education

  • Determining your life and disability insurance needs

At Desert Wealth Management, we believe that the key to creating a successful financial plan is ensuring that it is both specific and straightforward.


We want to make sure our plan covers you current and future financial needs while also making room for your financial goals.


To determine your particular needs and goals, we spend time with you collecting information about your needs, defining your goals, evaluating your resources, and developing a time line. 

What Makes A Financial Plan Successful?

Interested in financial planning?

Let's get started!

First, let's set up an initial meeting

We will set up an initial meeting with each other to go over what the financial planning engagement entails and see if we are a good fit! Do you want a more in-depth idea of what we do in financial planning? Click here.

Second, let's begin the Financial Wealth and Health Journey Program

When you sign up for our financial planning program, it is divided into two steps:

Step #1: Begin the Journey With an Initial Plan

We create a financial plan for you that gives you a guide for your financial journey.

  • What this includes: 2 Financial Planning Sessions

    • Session #1: Discovery Meeting

      • In this 1-hour meeting, will gather your financial information and discuss your current financial life, your financial goals, and your money mindset!

    • Session #2: Presenting The Journey Meeting 

      • In this 1-hour meeting, we will present your plan, review various scenarios, and paint your financial picture

Step #2: Continuing the Journey with Quarterly Check-Ins

After you have completed the Beginning The Journey program, your financial planning subscription will start.

This will be a 12 month contract, and you can choose to renew it on each contract anniversary.

  • What this includes:

    • Quarterly follow-up meetings (every three months) to go over plan updates and action steps

    • Ongoing support from our financial advisory team where you can call or email with any questions you have

Fees may vary based on complexity.

Financial planning program fees may be waived with a commitment of invested assets.

Check out our life-stage specific financial planning packages!
Saving for Education Package - $150
College Graduation Package - $200
Preparing For Marriage Package - $250
Retirement Planning Package - $300

Frequently asked questions: 

  • What benefit do I gain by engaging in financial planning?
    • By engaging in a financial planning program, you can have more guidance and clarity in making current and future financial decisions. Financial planning can help you have a more objective view of your financial goals so that you can understand which steps to take in each season.

  • Why is the team Desert Wealth Management offering financial planning?

    • We understand that your financial life involves much more than your investments! That is why we want to offer services to help you in all areas of your financial life such as cash flow and debt management, behavioral finance strategies, tax education and strategy planning, education planning, and so much more.

    • We want to walk with you in all parts of your financial journey so that you can worry less about tomorrow and focus more on today. 

  • What topics will we cover in your financial plan?
    • Behavioral finance and the psychology behind financial planning

    • Strategic planning for your goals and dreams

    • Cash flow management and budget building

    • Work benefits planning

    • Retirement planning

    • Education Planning 

    • Investment management

    • Tax education and tax strategy planning 

    • Insurance and estate planning

    • Scroll down to read more about the topics we include in your financial plan.

A Goal-Based Strategy

At Desert Wealth Management, we like to start with the end goals. We like to start off our meeting to listen to your goals and dreams. We want to understand the vision of what you want your life to look like.

The reason we like to start with the end goal is because it guides us in how we create your plan and where it will lead to. Keeping your goals at the center of the plan is our utmost priority. 

Saving With A Purpose

It can oftentimes be difficult to set up the habit of saving. This is why we like to help you define your purpose behind saving. Do you want to buy a home? Do you want to help your children save for college? Do you want to save for a future dream vacation? Defining the "why" behind saving is one way to find the motivation to save. Saving is crucial to living out a successful financial plan because saving is the first step in funding your financial goals. 

Cash Flow and Budget Development

We like to run an analysis of your income and expenses to create your personal budget. Developing a budget that includes your realistic cash flow is a cornerstone in developing a comprehensive financial plan. This will help us identify how we can help you fund your financial goals and where you can allocate money to saving, spending, taxes, and investments.

Investment Management

We believe that investments are what run a financial plan. Once you have saved enough money to fund your plan, we then invest that money so that your money is working for you. Whether you are planning for retirement, saving for education, or funding a down payment for a new home, we will guide you in which investments we believe align best with your financial goals. After creating investment portfolios for each of your goals, we will continue to monitor these investments while also pursuing tax efficiency. 

Insurance and Estate Planning

Your legacy is in your hands. Insurance can help you build a hedge against unexpected life events. Estate planning can provide you with the confidence that your financial plan will benefit your loved ones even after you're gone. Establishing trusts, regularly reviewing your legal documents and beneficiary designations, and examining tax implications for survivors are vital to establishing an estate plan that provides you with greater confidence and clarity. 

Action Steps

We believe that the key to a successful financial plan is creating specific and straightforward action steps. Because of this, we will review your plan semi-annually, updating your action steps and ensuring their completion. We want to give you a clear guide so that you can live the life you've always wanted. We want to help guide you in your decisions, your actions, and you mindset so that you can have a plan to help you focus more on today. 

Would you like to see our fees for investment management?
Please visit our Investment Management page

Do you want to learn more about what
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Financial Planning offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor
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